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Best Online Survey Rewards System

online survey rewards

online survey rewards system is based on either cash or points wherein the participant of the survey is rewarded in form of the cash amount allotted under it or the number of points to be redeemed at a later stage.

 Survey Rewards System

While the cash system is a more direct way of rewarding the participant as the pay-check for the accumulated amount arrives every week, it is the point system which needs an in-depth understanding prior to taking up membership. As opposed to the cash system, the point system does not follow any standard procedure and it is up to the survey website to establish a point program in place and educate its participants as regards its method of operation.

Therefore, while some survey websites may feature an easy-to-understand point system where one point is equal to one penny, other websites employ a more complicated system like a single point being equal to 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents and even sometimes a fraction of a cent. The usual rule in case of redemption of points or even claiming the cash prize is that the participant must accumulate a certain specified minimum value prior to asking for the reward. This is beneficial to the website as well as the customer as in the former would find it easier to dispose off rewards and the latter would receive a bulk amount at a single go which would come in handy instead of innumerable small amounts.

It is in the participants favor to understand the online survey rewards system thoroughly before embarking on a survey so that then he is in a position to decide whether it is favorable for him or not.

Not all reward systems are created equal and the onus is on the customer to find a survey website which suits him perfectly and then attain membership in it.

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Best Online Survey Rewards System
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